Did you know a child who participates in a music program does better socially and academically?

ATTENTION: New Students are now being accepted for Winter Spring Semester 2024. Please contact us here to register for classes.

All classes are taught by Robert Bolton, a teacher with over 35 years of experience.

Here’s what one parent had to say about his teaching methods:

His way of teaching music is ideal for children.  He guides them carefully, step by step, at a pace appropriate to their ages and unique skills.

- Dr. Linda Beale

Music lessons for children in Vancouver WA

Since 1988, the Vancouver Harmony Road Music School has been offering a comprehensive music program to children in Vancouver, Camas, Battle Ground and north Portland.

Designed to help children discover the world of music, Harmony Road teaches children as young as 3 years old the fundamentals of music.

Group music lessons

Harmony Road music courses are group lessons taught by Robert Bolton in a creative, non-pressured atmosphere of cooperative learning. Parental involvement is required at younger ages and encouraged at all levels.

Harmony Road courses get the child off to a 'quick' start, utilizing both eyes and ears while actively experiencing music through singing and rhythm training.

What your children will learn

  • Sight Singing
  • Ear Training
  • Singing
  • Solfege (Do,Re,Mi)
  • Rhythm Exercises
  • Theory
  • Improvisation
  • Ensembles

The Harmony Road curriculum encourages the whole musician's piano-keyboard capabilities while providing a good foundation for the study of any musical instrument.

Enrollment is happening now...

While children as young as 6 can start their music education, it’s never too late to get an older child involved in music.  Check out our Course Descriptions to learn more about our group lessons.

Classes fill up early so call or email if you have questions.